Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Culham Engineering has applied protective coatings to our own steelwork since 1985 from abrasive blasting, structural steel coatings that include primer, high spec finishes, intumescent and zinc arc metal spray, to high temperature coatings, specialised piping and internal coatings to vessel linings and immersible coatings for tanks and marine vessels.

Our Coatings facility covers over 5000sqm of specialised workshops that provide an all-round ambient environment so we can undertake painting in any weather to ensure we meet scheduled timelines.   

We have our own NACE qualified coatings inspectors and certified under PCCP (painting Contractor Certification Programme) 

Having a coatings department incorporated within our Organisation has allowed us to vertically ingrate and to have full quality control and quality management of the entire processes, from ordering of the materials to the installation on site.  Our full traceability of coatings on all individual components of the project allows the client to have confidence that all specifications and requirements are met.

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