Fulton Hogan AMETI Panmure Bridge 8

Eastern Busway Extension – Panmure Bridge

Client: Fulton Hogan AMETI

The Panmure Busway Bridge has been designed to support high-frequency bus travel between Panmure and Pakuranga and Eastern Auckland.

The Busway bridge runs alongside the existing Panmure Bridge and houses the East Auckland watermain within the structure of the bridge.

As this project comprised of the largest and heaviest beams ever manufactured in New Zealand, we had to develop a new approach of fabrication to handle these massive beams with a huge emphasis on the health and safety of all staff and visitors.

The aesthetic of the design included the top cored being constant with the bottom flanges having a very pronounced curve. Tolerances had to be precise as each connection required over 500 M36 bolts.

The protective coatings of the bridge included zinc arc metal spray, sealing, then a topcoat of Jade green was applied to reflect the Auckland city bus lanes. The coatings were applied to NZTA specifications which required our PCCP certification.

From the prefabrication stage, the planning and methodology for transport to site was undertaken as the logistics was a major part of this project due to the size and weight of each main sections (52.5 mtr x 4mtr x 105t.) Each section took two days to transport to site so minimal disruption to the public was experienced.

The installation of the bridge included launching by hydraulic jacks. This bridge was launch required a very detailed and engineered erection and launching methodology that we worked with the Client to deliver successfully.

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