Health, Safety & Environmental

Health, Safety & Environmental

Culham Engineering ‘s Management and Staff are proactively and positively focused to deliver all we do in a Healthy and Safe way that has a reduced effect on our environment.

Culham Engineering is uncompromising in our commitment to the provision of a healthy and safe working environment for our People and our Clients. With control over standards, performance, accountability at all levels, and implementation of best practice, we deliver first-rate HSE performance.

Effective Health and Safety programmes are formed on the integration of HSE in every part of our business.  With strong management leadership, our responsibilities are communicated at all levels with every person knowing their role.  The Company is continuously working to reinforce and improve the positive culture of workplace health and safety.

As an organisation, we are also aware that everything we do has an effect our environment and the Management are committed to working with our staff to develop controls to protect resources in a manner that enables us to meet current needs and provides for the needs of future generations.

Culham Engineering is currently Certified to

ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
ISO14001:2016 Environmental Management System.

We are also SiteWise Gold and IMPAC Prequal Cat 3 5-star rated.


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