Industrial Maintenance & Petro-Chemicals

Industrial Maintenance & Petro-Chemicals

Keeping plant and machinery running at a high quality is of utmost importance to any organisation’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Culham Engineering specialises in industrial infrastructure maintenance and repairs, across all areas of industrial engineering, from structural steel to marine repairs, pressure vessels and piping systems. We are industrial maintenance shutdown experts and currently hold maintenance contracts with Refining NZ, Oji Fibre Solutions for mill maintenance, Golden Bay Cement and more.

All maintenance and construction work is completed in accordance with Culham Engineering’s quality assurance policies and certifications to ensure maximum safety and quality.

Quality assurance is of the utmost priority on all Culham Engineering projects, with all construction and maintenance conducted to the highest safety and quality regulations. With over 50 years’ experience at Refining NZ and both on and off shore in Taranaki, Culham Engineering  strives for efficient and safe project delivery in the petrochemical environment, where extensive safety precautions must be taken.

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