Our Commitment to Training

Our Commitment to Training

Culham Engineering has a proud history of training the next generation of Trades people

The Culham Engineering Apprentice

Since 1961 Culham Engineering has continually trained apprentices. From Trades Board qualified apprentices to the Modern Apprentice of today.   When Dave Culham, started his business he saw a need to have tradesmen with a wide range of skills and made a commitment to train apprentices to meet that need.   Since 1961 Culham Engineering has produced over 650 tradesmen, who are recognised as well trained, experienced in heavy fabrication structural steel, pressure piping systems, marine and petrochemical work and a valuable assets to any workplace.  Many are still employed at Culham Engineering.
Since 2011, Culham Engineering has held their own in-house block course for the apprentices, working with Competenz to develop a complete training programme centred on the heavy fabrication skills that they will need in the workplace

Commitment to Development of  Staff

Culham Engineering is committed to investing in the growth of their Employees.  The Internal development of staff  improves the culture and values of the business and assists the organisation to become more skilled.  In the Current Management and Supervisory teams 85% have progressed from the workshop floor, included in this number is the Board Chairman and the Managing Director.



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