Kato 40t Hydraulic Truck Crane

Kato 40t Hydraulic Truck Crane

The Kato 40t truck crane is full hydraulic with high levels of operation and performance. This crane features a three-stage jib designed to operate at three offset angles (5, 17 and 30 degrees). This feature is ideal for high-rise construction work in restricted areas.

The Kato 40t truck crane also features two independent winches equipped with powerful automatic brakes.  It has a 35 metre main boom, and a 9.2 metre fly job with a 5.8 metre needle extension.  The Kato 40t truck crane has capacity raging from 40 tonnes (at 3 metre radius) to 0.700kg (at a full 30 metre radius).

The Kato is able to travel on all transit roads with a few restrictions on local district council roads.


Model Kato NK-400E-III
Max. lifting capacity 40t
Telescopic boom 11-35m
Fly jib 9.2-15m
Carrier engine Nissan Diesel KG53TXL
Crane engine (output) Nissan 8-cylinder Diesel RE8 (231kW)
Drive/steering 8 x 4
Travel Speed 90km/h
Operational weight: 36000 kgs
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