Automation and Optimisation

To optimise our processes for increased efficiency, reliability, accuracy and precision we continue to invest in the sophistication and capacity of the most modern fabricating and welding equipment on the market today

Beam and box

Our beam and box welding machine is one of the most modern fabrication machines available. Equipped with its BSM type horizontal flange straightener it is designed to mechanically straighten the ‘double-T’ or ‘H’ girder-beam flange after welding, in accordance with the specific quality and tolerance requirements. This gives us the ability to straighten the flange during welding while allowing repeatable straight flanges to attain unprecedented tolerances for fabricated beams no matter what the flange thickness

Robotic assembly and welding

Culham’s highly sophisticated robotic steel beam assembler takes productivity and quality to a whole new level. We have confronted the time consuming task of manual handling steel members by investing in robotic technology to allow us to deliver an unprecedented increase in productivity.

Arc welding

Our Adapt Arc welding system is one of the most advanced multi-process, mechanized, orbital welding systems available. Initially developed for the oil and gas industry, it allows our operators to switch rapidly back and forth between GTAW, GMAW or FCAW.

Plasma cutting

Our Robotic CNC plasma cutting system has revolutionized structural steel fabrication. This machine has created a NEW STANDARD in the way you think about structural cutting. It’s the marriage of advanced CNC robotics to high-definition plasma cutting, equipped with software so sophisticated it programs cuts by itself

Plate rolling/bending

We have the capability to roll plate up to 52mm thick x 3mtr wide grade 250 plates and provide an unbeatable combination of rolling power and pre-bending precision.

With all three rolls able to move independently we are able to adjust the distance between the bending points according to production needs. Optimal plate drive is guaranteed by the capability to reduce to a minimum the distance between the lower rolls. Minimizing the roll centres also results in optimum pre-bending capabilities, with significantly reduced length of flat end.

Installed with an EPS electronic balancing system rolls will always be parallel, with a tolerance of 0.2mm (.008”) and will never be affected by mechanical wear and tear.