Painting & Abrasive Blasting

Painting & Abrasive Blasting

The Coatings Department employs 2 NACE Coatings Inspectors and is PCCP certified.

Abrasive Blasting

The Blast Bay is a  Pneumatic Recovery System which not only gives the operators a more efficient ventilation system, clearer visibility, effectiveness in sighting the blast target but also ensures exclusion of dust and foreign matters from the abrasive during the blasting cycle.  This is particularly important where coatings such as paint are applied after blasting.

The abrasive blasting booth can fit items up to 5.50m in width, with a height of  4.30m and length of 21.30m.

Painting Workshops

Culham Engineering   has two fully covered painting workshops each set up with gantries for handling items safely and efficiently. The areas are linked with rail tracks to move items easily in and out of the blast bay through to the paint shops.

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