Waikato River to Peacocke Bridge

Waikato River to Peacocke Bridge

Client: HEB & Hamilton City Council

The new Waikato River Bridge will sit on a 30 metre long, 22 metre wide pier designed in two lattice-shaped Y sections of weathering steel.

Spanning 215m across the river the new Waikato River bridge to Peacocke project will connect Hamilton East with the development of Peacocke. The bridge will sit on a pier designed using weathering steel in two lattice-shaped Y sections which are 30 metres long and 22 metres wide, weighing more than 200 tonnes each.

Having the ability to handle significant components and the in-house capability to develop the welding processes and procedures to meet design specifications, Culham Engineering was the obvious choice for such a unique and complex structure.

The lattice design required individual plates to be fabricated into box sections 2200mm x 820mm. To ensure that we maintain the tolerance required, we designed a purpose-built jig when assembling the sections into the lattice structure, that would not only guarantee accuracy but would de-risk the assembly and erection on site.

From the outset, we identified one of the biggest challenges to this project was the delivery to the site. We developed a build sequence that maximised what we could transport and gave us flexibility if needed. Multiple trips were required with a well-developed transport methodology.

Once onsite, the sections were assembled into their lattice configuration and surveyed, before welding together. Strict welding controls were adhered to, which required purpose-built habitats around each weld to control the welding environment and protect the welder and surrounding trades.

On completion of welding, the tolerances were confirmed, and each completed lattice section was lifted into position on the base plate using a 600-tonne crane. A final survey was undertaken before welding out each lattice section.

This project had many complexities and unknowns. Our team demonstrated our ability to fabricate and deliver this unique structure on time and budget while providing innovation that added value to every step and in line with our catch cry, “Plan Produce Deliver”


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