Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Continuous improvement of Health and Safety needs strong management commitment and Culham is stepping up to embed a positive culture of workplace health and safety

Culham Engineering is 100% committed to the provision of a healthy and safe working environment. With control over standards and performance, accountability at all levels, resourcing to support onsite health and safety management and implementation of best practice, we deliver world class HSE performance.

Having worked in the highly volatile petrochemical environment at Refining NZ since the early 1960’s we have built a zero harm culture that is thoroughly embedded throughout our operations.

The principles that govern our approach to health and safety are:

  • Commitment of senior managers to the health and safety programme
  • Planning, review and evaluation of health and safety related objectives
  • Pro-active identification and management of workplace hazards
  • A comprehensive health and safety training programme
  • Early reporting and management of workplace personal health and safety issues
  • Participation of all employees in health, and safety matters
  • Consultation with employee representatives
  • Planning and readiness for emergencies
  • Meeting our duties as the principal in relation to the engagement and management of contractors
  • Rehabilitation and return to work processes
  • Ensuring health and safety criteria are considered in asset purchases
  • Setting health and safety KPIs and continuously monitoring and measuring performance.

Culham Engineering is ACC Workplace Safety certified to Tertiary Level.

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