Te Mahi Hou

Client: Refining NZ

This project replaces Refining NZ’s existing petrol making plant (semi regeneration platformer) that has been in operation for around 50 years. Culham Engineering’s part in this project covering fabrication and installation including but not limited to

  • 80% of project Cranes and transport.
  • 75% of all structures and pipe racks.
  • 65% of all other pipework supplied to project.
  • Dismantling of existing plant including two large storage tanks.
  • Onsite assembly and installation of four furnaces combined into one unit.
  • All large and small bore Chrome Alloy pipe.
  • Assembly, installation, connecting of vessels and plant throughout site including four modules Designed fabricated and delivered from outside New Zealand each weighing approx. 280-300 Tonnes these being the core of the new process. When assembled this structure reached 70mtrs in height x 12mtrs x 26mtrs
  • Preassembly of structural modules carried out off site transported onsite and installed, this included a three stage reactor support structure with a final height of 80mtrs having 12 full decks to access all levels of the Reactor 90% of the assembly was completed offsite with no scaffold required as the assembly was carried out with the modules laying horizontally.
  • Project management, superintendents, supervisors, foreman, leading hands, QA/QC staff, tradesmen, admin and Drivers/operators for all Culham work on this project were supplied from our permanent staff with no disruption to other areas of the business.